We love seeing the changes our services bring to our clients’ lives.

Here’s a few lovely words they had to say about us…

Karen, you have supported me over the years in more ways than you could know. You have shown me how to make brave decisions and stick by them. You have given me opportunities to develop my confidence and spent ridiculous amounts of time and patience teaching me the art of CBT. I am incredibly grateful.
— R.D.

Rosie, I just wanted to thank you and let you know how grateful I am for all that we have achieved. You’ve changed my life for the better with EMDR.
— M

I am really grateful for everything and can’t thank Karen enough. You’re an amazing therapist and anyone that receives your help is very fortunate.
— K.P.

Rosie, I can’t thank you enough for all your support and guiding me through such a difficult phase of my life. The tools you have given me have not only improved my own mental health, but the lives of those around me too.
— K

The service you provided me, with Karen Jerram-Mason was exceptional. Karen has given back my confidence and has made a huge impact on my everyday living. I will miss working with Karen very much.
— C.W.
Karen is a remarkable therapist who has really helped me understand and grasp my problems. We have worked through an awful lot together and it has been incredible being able to discuss the details of my problem and give thought to coping mechanisms together. She has been helpful at all times, understanding, empathetic but most importantly objective. I genuinely feel stronger and able to tackle my everyday problems and worrisome thoughts.
— J.W